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William Robertson's Portfolio


Schooling achievements 
  • Graduated from DeVry University February 2012, with a Bachelor's of Science in Game and Simulation Programming.
  • Former present of the M.A.G.E.(Movies Anime Games for Everyone) club at DeVry.
  • Selected to present my senior project at the GDC(Game Developers Conference).
  • Worked in a small team to create a playable video game within 16 weeks.
  • Dean's List
  • Active volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America
  • Member of E3 alumni 
  • GDC attendee
  • Volunteering with a indie game company called ProComGaming
Past Projects
  • Fragments of the Forgotten
  • C++ graphics core using DirectX  
  • Random character generator, C++/DirectX
  • Golem Wars GDD(Game Design Document)


For more even information about me checkout my Resume, or check out my LinkedIn. Click the links below.  
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