William Robertson's Portfolio

My newest project code name "Puzplat." This video shows some of the assets and gameplay elements I will be using as I design this game.
Fragment of the Forgotten: 

This video show the first two levels for the game "Fragment of the Forgotten". My two team mates and I worked on for this for our senior project. We have 16 weeks to put together a playable game, that we could present in front of the school. I was the senior project lead and lead level designer responsible for this project. We are also selected to present this game at the Game Developers Conference 2012 in San Francisco. 
C++ Game Engine:

This is a simple 2d game engine that I helped create in one of my college classes. We created it in 8 weeks and I was the leader of the graphics core group. This is a simple game we made to show off what the engine could do.
Outdoor Scene Part 1:

The first look at a outdoor scene I created using UDK. 

Outdoor Scene Part 2:

What is in the video is the second look at the outdoor scene I created using UDK. This uses a flying view of the scene. 

Commentary On My Projects:

Video discussing some of what I worked on.
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