William Robertson's Portfolio
Game Levels Using Unreal Development Kit 
Senior Project Levels:
These are some of the areas my team and I created for our senior project. I was the team leader and lead level designer for this project. We had only 16 weeks to create a full video game. As the team leader I had to decided what where realistic goals to build towards, with the limited time we were given. Also, I managed the time we took on each aspect of the game.
FPS Map Start:
A Simple FPS map I have worked on.
2D Map Test:
Wanted to try my hand at making a 2D level in UDK. So I put together a quick level to test out how it would work.
Outdoor Scene:
This is a scene that I created in UDK in only 12 hours. I decided to spend more time on the environment and over all looks of the level. Unlike what was done for my senior project I was able to focus more on the looks rather than the functionality. 

3DS Max:
These are a few things I have worked on in 3DS Max.
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